Yealink T22PN + Ecosonic HS2010 Mono NC Headset

Yealink T22PN + Ecosonic HS2010 Mono NC Headset

Product Description

  • Bundle Phone Kit: Includes a Yealink TP22P VoIP/SIP Phone and Yealink YHS32 Headset (No PSU included)
  • Power Indication LED - It will show the power status, it will be on if the phone is powered, off if the phone is not powered.
  • Context-sensitive Softkeys - The screen will display labels for these keys, to identify their context-sensitive
  • Account Buttons - This buttons are used to active up to the three user accounts.
  • Dial Pad - Use the DTMF hard keys to enter numbers, letters and special characters. Depending on the selected input mode, you can enter digits, lower / upper case or special characters.
  • Navigation Keys - Use the navigation keys to navigate in the display menus and confirm and cancel
  • Codec Selection - The IP phone supports the following voice codecs: G.722, G.711, G.723.1, G.726, G.729AB, iLBC and GSM. You can enable/disable the desired codecs via Web interface. Please contact your System Administrator for more details about the codecs.
  • Audio Device Control Keys - Use the audio device control keys to perform the following actions depending on your
    phone type:
    • Adjust the volume of the handset, headset, speaker and ring tone.
    • Place and receive calls through an optionally connected headset.
    • Mute audio transmission locally during calls.
  • Hard Feature Keys:
    • Allow users to access the voicemail and SMS directly.
    • Forward the current call to third party.
    • Dials most recently dialed number
  • Phone Status - You can view the status of your phone using the Phone interface or the Web interface.
    • Network status: IP Address, Mac Address, Gateway, DNS, WAN and LAN
    • Phone status: Phone Name, Hardware version, Firmware version, Product ID, etc
    • Accounts: the 3 SIP accounts status
    • Firmware version

Key Features:

Yealinks T22P SIP Phone is the ideal Business IP Phone to equip the office for reliable, intensive telephone based business without incurring extravagant expense. Productivity driven, this best selling mid-range phone is a robust, hard working favourite. The Yealink T22P Professional IP SIP Phone is designed for power users in the office environment featuring a fashionable and sleek design, abundant telephony applications and broad interoperability with the popular 3 party VoIP IP products, which fulfill the VoIP deployment needs from enterprise and ITSP.

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